With my Paintscreen project, I am entering new artistic territory by not painting via, but rather on the screen. It is a novelty. Never before have screens been used for oil paintings.

My monitor paintings also contain a message. Children – and not just children – look at screens all the time. With my art, I want to suggest that the flood of images is interrupted, and a screenshot painted in oil can be viewed in peace – as a ‘Paintscreen’.


By transforming a digital medium and giving it an analogue purpose, a whole new, intriguing, and in-depth perspective is enabled, that makes the viewer think.


With this art I am creating a new atmosphere, a new situation, which I want to question and explore as an artist.


The Paintscreens are Upcycling: Environmental awareness is the measure of all things here. Painting monitors or recycling them – the decision was easy.


My monitors set visual accents: they redefine offices and are especially surprising in other rooms.


The Paintscreen project started in 2019. Since then more than 20 monitors have been painted.

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