I was born in 1949 in Varese, Italy. I started painting at the age of twelve and have been a freelance artist since 1994. In my painting, I aim to depict the ease displayed by children. My figures float playfully and embody the revelations of my childhood. My most recent works feature light and colorful painting on canvas in mixed media. I have given a name to this style that I have invented: neo-romantic expressionism.


Since my early youth, I have been very focused on Renaissance art and have copied multiple old masters. I have completed a number of art diplomas and I illustrated the children’s book entitled Muschelprinzessin (Shell Princess). As well as several solo and group exhibitions at various galleries and trade fairs, I have regularly exhibited in Andreaskirche in Zurich-Sihlfeld and have completed three particularly complex projects there: Hanging Cross Pictures (2012), New Cross (2014) and Mock Stained Glass (2018).


My neo-romantic expressionism is strongly linked to narratives about my life stages. In my artworks, I point out parallels between artistic formulations and children’s drawings, in which many revelations already occur, because children are carefree in their use of combinations – they do what occurs to them in the moment. I like to reflect this ease which only children possess. These days, with my painting, I merely express the color compositions and perspectives a little differently.


In my artworks, I give form to my innermost sensations and express a connection between the senses, soul and spirit. This is how the invisible becomes visible. The senses are closest to the spirit, for only where there is spirit is there authentic art. This is why the carefree childlike art-soul is authentic. Every day, my artworks are the product of my deepest passion and provide food for new things. Every ‘finished’ work drives me forward towards new ideas. With my artworks, I want to be and remain a proclaimer of the spirit and all that is beautiful, and to communicate this perception.

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